January 19, 2010

Response to Reporting for Online Journalism

Posted in Reading Responses at 3:35 am by ahonan

I really liked the first chapter to this, I enjoyed being able to compare different benchmarks in history. Seeing the different Journalist techniques that were used throughout the years and how far journalism has come.

There were a couple of lines that proved to me that online journalism is truly different from print journalism. One of those lines was:

  • “Audiences first came to expect photos with their news, then film or video footage and eventually live coverage”

This is really true. When I am reading stories online, more often than not, it is the picture that captures my attention to a particular story. I love reading stories that have slide shows and captions underneath. I tend to avoid the video stories, unless that is the only way I can learn about a particular topic.

The second line that really stood out to me was that online journalism helps

  • “create an audience of people who know a great deal about a few subjects and next to nothing about others”

I really disagree with this statement, when I am reading an article that interests me I always get lost in the links that are at the bottom of the page. I think online journalism has just as much “incidental learning” as print journalism.


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  1. aounay said,

    I also agree with your disagreement concerning the web creating a narrowing of audiences’ knowledge. News websites contain a wealth of stories. I was expecting to be finished with this assignment by now but became sidetracked reading some other online news articles…

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