January 19, 2010

Response to We the Media

Posted in Reading Responses at 2:48 pm by ahonan

I didn’t like this reading as much as the other one, for me it was harder to read and I kept getting lost, having to re-read a lot of sections. There was one line that really pulled the two readings together for me:

  • “RSS suddenly makes the Internet work the way it should. Instead of you searching for everything, the Internet comes to you on your terms”

From the first reading there was a statement on how online journalism is “eliminating incidental learning.” I had originally disagreed with this statement. However with the mention of RSS feeds I may be able to agree with it.

Having information pushed to us through these feeds will decrease the number of ‘extra’ links that we go through. We already have want we want: a list of stories that we are already following. We are more likely to click on the next story instead of a link in one of those stories that will bring us to elsewhere.

I am not a fan of the RSS feeds, maybe it is because I haven’t really used them, or I don’t see a problem with going to the site itself to see if it has been updated. For now I am happy with going to news sites and seeing what stories I might want to read instead of having to choose in advanced which stories I want to be updated on.


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