January 21, 2010

Response to 10 Things…

Posted in Reading Responses at 12:58 pm by ahonan

There are some points that I don’t agree with this on this list but the ones that I do believe are important are:

2. You are in Control – It’s easy to get lost in the internet, the different links that are on any given page drag you away from your original purpose. You start out looking at one article and an hour later you aren’t even looking at articles anymore. It is really important to be able to keep on task and to remember that you have control over what you are looking at. It is your job to make sure that what you are looking at pretains to the information you are looking for.

5. Core Journalistic Skills are still Crucial – If an article isn’t interesting no one is going to read it. If the research is shoddy or the story is dull, no one is going to want to read it. With the internet it is easy to see which journalists are being read. If no one is reading your stories, you’re not going to be writing them any more.

I do agree with a lot of the other points but I like these two the best. The points I disagree with the most is 4. 4 is about not relying on your employees brand, but without that brand a journalist is going to get picked up.

Original Story: 10 Things Every Journalist Should Know in 2010


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