January 26, 2010

Response to Blogs, Wikipedia…

Posted in Reading Responses at 8:55 am by ahonan

I thought this reading was harder to get through than the last two. There were a couple of good points that I really agreed with, but I thought a lot of this was repetitive, almost going to far to explain these ideas.

I do agree that “distinctions between producers and users of content have into comparative insignificance.” When is anyone just a user or just a producer? One minute your the user simply scanning an article and the next your the producer adding a comment or posting a reply. I don’t think you can be one or the other all the time, there is a constant shift between producing content and using content.

I believe this line from the text sums it up perfectly:

  • Using the Internet and its communications technologies … implies no longer simply active but silent interpretation, however: it implies also the active

For example: Watching television is no longer a silent act of one-way communication. If the viewer doesn’t like where the plot is heading they can use the internet to post a remark on that station’s website, changing into two-way communication. This way the viewer can also see what others are saying about the show, and if their point of view is shared.


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