February 2, 2010

My Story Ideas

Posted in Assignments at 10:53 am by ahonan

I had hoped reading this weeks article would help me picks some interesting topics that I could really get into, but I was disappointed. I feel that the topics that I did pick are unoriginal, but I could not think of anything else.

Print Media Dying Out

Social Pressures to be Thin / Obesity: A Disease?

Internet Addiction

Yawns are Contagious

Military’s use of Animals – seems more of a research paper topic


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  1. ahonan said,

    I was unsure whether I should update this or not. I was given the idea of doing my story on the SmokeFree campaign at school, but it seems that now that I am looking for them, I can’t find any smokers. . . . so my first 50 photos may be of this topic but I am thinking of trying to find a different topic, one that I can get interviews for.

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