February 2, 2010

Response to Story Ideas

Posted in Reading Responses at 10:45 am by ahonan

A lot of the points this article brought up sounded like they would work, but trying to put them into practice was very difficult. I looked over these ideas countless times trying to come up with some story ideas, I kept getting stuck.

Most of these ideas seemed better for helping get a story started if you were already writing and had an audience to solicit. I don’t have an audience that can help give me ideas, I don’t have any stories that need to be looked at in a different way, I need help in thinking of stories. There was one group of ideas that suggested some places to start looking: Blogs, search engines, and discussion groups all seem like good places for me to start. I didn’t like the other options it gave me for looking for new ideas, it seemed too much like stealing another person’s idea.

I did like the section that showed how to make a weak story sound interesting. Taking the points that you thought made the story weak and using that, in a way, as a challenge to prove yourself wrong.

Overall this chapter had some good ideas, but I don’t think they pertained to me and trying to find a story topic.


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