February 9, 2010

Response to PhotoJournalism

Posted in Reading Responses at 9:14 am by ahonan

This entry seems to be the most blog-like, no connectors between thoughts just whatever came to mind:

I couldn’t believe when I read that photojournalists would give pictures of their contacts to their contacts as a way of getting tips from them. . . . It just seems unreal that that would be all it would take.

In the article they talked about getting pictures from different angles, this is something that I thought I was doing, but in reading it I saw that I never even thought about taking a picture from a lower angle. For some reason that, is unbeknown to me, I don’t pictures from below an object, either straight on or from above. Weird.

The last thing I wanted to comment on was “biases towards words.” I really do believe that this is true. Even in the photo page of the Buffalo News there are still lengthy captions, not letting the reading take what they can from the photograph. I like being able to look at photographs without any explanation, it leaves me to see what I want, maybe something that the writer doesn’t see when entering in the caption. With the caption, you only tend to see what the words are telling you are there, not bothering to look beyond them.


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