February 13, 2010

Response to Gathering and Editing

Posted in Reading Responses at 1:46 pm by ahonan

There was a lot in this chapter, that I didn’t think pertained to what we were doing in class. . . Maybe I misunderstood what it was that we were supposed to do for our project, but this didn’t seem to help much. I keep waiting for that one reading that will clear up all my questions and uncertainties in completing this project.

The only thing I took out of this reading was the rule of thirds. I looked back through the photos that I have already taken, not just for this project but others that I have taken. This rule definitely worked, the ones that I liked the best followed this rule. I agree that having the person’s head dead center leaves all this space at the top of the picture. I ended up cropping a couple of pictures because this space, preferring have the person or object taking up the whole picture.

I haven’t tried either those yet but they seem like added something to the pictures that were in the reading: Framing the shot so that there were both background and foreground elements, looked like they really added depth to the shot. With the added foreground element it broke up the photo so there wasn’t just water taking up a lot of the picture.

The last thing that I liked was the suggestion of shooting pictures from a different level, so everything wasn’t as eye level. This has proven harder to do then I thought.


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