February 20, 2010

Response to Online Writing Styles

Posted in Reading Responses at 2:21 pm by ahonan

Yes, there is a difference in styles when reading something that is in print versus reading something that is online. Maybe it’s having the ability to edit the content that makes people willing to write less formally online. Once a story is in a newspaper it is stuck like that, archived and uneditable.

  • Writers weren’t shy about expressing their opinions, but the best  writers still backed up those opinions with solid reporting and well-documented facts.

This is a quote from the reading, while I agree that all journalism, whether print or online has to be based on facts, I don’t think that it is. To me online journalism seems less reliable. I always try to double-check what I get off of the Internet but rarely do I try to double-check a printed article.

  • The size of a newspaper – the computer screen is limited in size and cannot offer the quantity of information found on a newspaper page

This is so not true. This really made me doubt how reliable this article is. The screen may be fixed in size but the quantity of information is still the same. A newspaper cannot fit all their news on a single page and neither can online news fit all their news on the screen at once.

This reading did bring up a couple things that were useful to know but weren’t necessarily weaknesses. Eye strain from staring at the screen for a long time is a worry but it won’t really stop someone from reading text off a screen. Another that I didn’t think was a weakness but a change in design was shortening the blocks of text. Just breaking up a story into more paragraphs isn’t a weakness, it isn’t changing the content only the look.


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