February 22, 2010

Boy Scouts of America

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This year represents the 100th year that the boy scouts have been around, starting in 1911. I had had no idea that the Boy Scouts had been around for that long, it wasn’t until my cousin’s Eagle Scout ceremony that this was brought to my attention. As we said in class: It is amazing that the boy scouts have been around for that long.

It was William Boyce that brought the Boy Scouts to America, first encountering them in England. Boyce was in London lost in the fog, when he came upon a boy scout that offered to show him the way. When Boyce tried to pay the scout in return, the scout replied, “I’m just doing my term.” This Boy Scout made an impression on Boyce, who brought the idea of the scouts to America. With help he started the first Scout troop in America. Boy Scouts today are still going around fulfilling their ‘term,’ helping others

Here are some important Dates:

  • 1912 the first Eagle Scout
  • 1912 Sea Scouting was established for those that were interested in boating
  • 1925 membership in the boy scouts reaches 1 million
  • 1930 Cub Scouting begins
  • 1952 Membership is up to 3 million
  • 1965 40 millionth scout registered and 500,000 Eagle Scout badge is awarded
  • 1969 Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong walks on the moon (Buzz Aldrin another former Scout)
  • 1982 One million eagle Scouts
  • 1982 Tiger Scouts for 7 year olds is offered
  • 2000 100 millionth member is registered
  • 2009 2 millionth Eagle Scout

As you can see from these numbers only a small percentage of Boy Scouts go all the way to become an Eagle Scout. Less than 3% of Scouts stick with the program to become Eagle Scouts, 30 Scouts will drop out in their first year. The journey to becoming an Eagle is as follows:

Starting as a Tiger Scout at the age of 6 or 7 the boys go on camping trips, learning to get along with one another. The next year, the boys start working on their first badge: the wolf badge, where they begin to learn what scouting is all about. Next the boys learn outdoor skill and about the environment to earn the bear badge.

Next is a two year program that teaches a range of things, from fitness to camping skills. In these two years the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Lights must be earned. The Arrow of Light badge is the highest award that can be earned in Cub scouting and is the only badge that a boy scout can wear from Cub Scouts.

To move onto the next stage in scouting the boys must learn the scout sign, the scout salute, the handshake , the scout oath and the scout law. The Scout oath comes from the 1909 when William Boyce received help from a scout. “Do a good term daily.”

Now the scouts become Second Class scouts where they must become self sufficient in the outdoors. As a First Class Scout they must be able to camp out of their own, and begin earning merit badges. As a Star Scout 6 merit badges must be fulfilled out of the 100 different kinds, as a Life Scout an additional 5 badges have to be earned. To complete scouting and become an eagle scout another 10 badges must be completed for a total of 21, along with a service project to finish scouting.

Even though that is the end of Scouting, most still go to meetings and participate in Scout activities after they have earned their eagle Scout badge. For these individuals scouting is not a chore that is being forced on them, but a decision they make.


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