March 24, 2010

Response to Here Comes Everybody

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It was very tiresome to read through this one, professional is this and professional is that…it made me confused and I rushed through reading the rest because I didn’t care what a professional is.

  • The same idea, published in dozens or hundreds of places, can have an amplifying effect that outweighs the verdict from the smaller number of professional outlets.

I liked the story of the senator that said something that wasn’t picked up by the media, but bloggers were able to bring it in to the public eye. The danger here is that just because everyone is saying something doesn’t mean that it is true but it can be spread around as truth.

  • If everyone can do something, it is no longer rare enough to pay for

I agree with this, if everyone is posting the news to their blogs, social networking site, or the newspaper’s own website, what would be the purpose of going out and buying a paper?

And to ask the question of who is a journalist? Journalists are the people that are getting paid to write their stories, not the blogger who is working out of their parents’ basement, writing their opinions.


Bret Schulte’s The Distribution Revolution

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At first I thought this was going to be about the evils of Facebook and Twitter. I was relieved to see that this article was about their positive aspects. I have used Facebook for a while and while I do not follow any news stories through their I do get info on TV programs and books that are coming out.

  • “Maybe in earlier eras [news organizations] needed proof of concept to do anything; now nobody’s waiting for proof of concept”

This quote is from the beginning of the article, I definitely agree with it and think that this is something that should be fixed if news organizations are going to continue using social networking sites.

If they want to be trusted and have a greater number of followers, they are going to have to have proof of what they are saying it true. No one is going to listen to someone who only gets their facts right half of the time. It will only take one time of someone repeating their false information and making a fool of themselves to get them to move on to another source.

So if the number of people using Twitter and Facebook to get their news is indeed on the rise, then these news groups are going to have to come up with a new way of verifying information quicker.

And of course to make life easier they posted a way to link the story to your Facebook or Twitter account. Ridiculous.

Story Site: The Distribution Revolution

Response to the three multimedia articles

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I liked the amount of photos that were displayed in the Long Haul and Sides of the Wire but I wasn’t crazy about the way they displayed them. None of the photos had a lot of caption to it, so it made it easy for me to continue scrolling down through the pictures. I hate having that click for more button, I want to know how many pictures there are going to be, so I know how long it is going to take to look through them all. I didn’t finish looking at either site’s pictures.

For the Long Haul there were a lot of great pictures, but I didn’t like that most of them were in black and white, there were some that would have looked better in color. I like having the pictures in color because for some reason they seem more real to me, the black and white shots make it appear as if they could have happened in the past, not something that is happening right now. Some photos were too large to see all at once and I would have to scroll up and down to see the rest, that took away from some good pictures.  There was one collage of photos that was amazing, they were pasted together to create one huge photo, I think that had more effect then posting one photo of the same thing.

The writing in The Long Haul was very easy to read, even though there was a huge paragraph in the middle of the story that should have been broken up. It looked daunting to read just looking at the size of the thing. The Sides of the Wire wasn’t as easy to read about halfway through it I had to struggle to get to the end.

I really liked How I cover the Afghanistan War was set up. I liked having everything on the one page, it made me feel as if I wasn’t seeing some things over again. This way made the video and photos seem more connected to the story.

Links to original stories: The Long Haul , Sides of the Wire , & How I Cover the Afghanistan War with the 5dmkII

March 23, 2010

Photo 10

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Closing the meeting

Photo 9

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Photo 8

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Arrow of Light Badge the only badge that a boy scout can wear that was earned as a cub scout

Photo 7

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This is the bulletin board at troop 286, it has photos of past activities and awards from different competitions

Photo 6 – Badges

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Photo 5

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Photo 4

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These are the cub scout working out of the Boy Scout Manual trying to learn the ways of Scouting

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