March 1, 2010

Response to Interviewing

Posted in Reading Responses at 9:18 am by ahonan

This is my least favorite part of this assignment. I hate talking to people, asking them questions. Just coming up with questions to ask them as been a chore on its own. I had hoped after reading this questions would just come to me, but even then I was still unsure if my questions good enough.

There were a couple of points that really stood out to me, like not getting so caught up in capturing the images that you forget to be a part of it. I think that happens to me when I am getting pictures, most of mine of others interacting, all far away, none of where I am next to them, getting a close up.

My favorite part of this reading were the rules at the end, they really summarized everything that was talked about, making it easier for me to see what should be avoided.

I definitely had trouble getting some people to talk, they really wanted to stick with one word answers, and I didn’t know if I was talking too much.

I still wish he had added some tips on where to come up with questions or how to modify them to a situation.


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