March 24, 2010

Response to Here Comes Everybody

Posted in Reading Responses at 10:47 am by ahonan

It was very tiresome to read through this one, professional is this and professional is that…it made me confused and I rushed through reading the rest because I didn’t care what a professional is.

  • The same idea, published in dozens or hundreds of places, can have an amplifying effect that outweighs the verdict from the smaller number of professional outlets.

I liked the story of the senator that said something that wasn’t picked up by the media, but bloggers were able to bring it in to the public eye. The danger here is that just because everyone is saying something doesn’t mean that it is true but it can be spread around as truth.

  • If everyone can do something, it is no longer rare enough to pay for

I agree with this, if everyone is posting the news to their blogs, social networking site, or the newspaper’s own website, what would be the purpose of going out and buying a paper?

And to ask the question of who is a journalist? Journalists are the people that are getting paid to write their stories, not the blogger who is working out of their parents’ basement, writing their opinions.


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