April 1, 2010

Video Explosion Response

Posted in Reading Responses at 12:51 pm by ahonan

I was expecting this article to help me get an ideal of how video has helped or not helped get a story across. I didn’t get that.

I got a story with links to other pages, that made the article more confusing than it should be. Are the links pertinent to the story? Do I have to go to them to know what the rest of the article is talking about? I spent more time on the story about the violinist in the subway than I did reading this article.

Then when I finally did get back to the story I found conflicting statements but no answer was given as to which was correct:

  • “.. many small and medium-size papers “don’t seem to think long-form videos are worth the effort.


  • “Virtually every paper in the country is, if not diving head first, at least dipping their toes into video.”

Maybe this article was meant to be helpful, but all the links throughout it kept distracting me from actually reading it. I would get to a link, click it, scan through that, and by the time I got back to the original article I had forgotten everything that I had read up to that link.


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