April 11, 2010

Video Basics 3 Response

Posted in Reading Responses at 1:13 pm by ahonan

I wished I had known that this Reading was going to be as helpful as it was. I read this after I had shot my Interview, thinking that this was going to be as unhelpful as the rest of the readings. I was wrong.

Since I already shot my Interview I thought I use the reading to go over what I took to see if there was anything that I would have done differently.

I wish I could have had a more interesting background, but when I tried to shoot outside most of the audio was covered by the wind. I did notice after I uploaded the video to iMovie that shooting near a window probably was the brightest idea. I could see the picture darkening and brightening as the sun hide behind clouds and came out again. The reading does day the object do the moving and I hope that goes for the background too.

I think I did place Ian in the video well enough, there isn’t too much space above his head, and I didn’t place him in the center of the frame.

I think this Interview was  a lot better than the first video I shot with the camera, I kept playing with all the buttons using the zoom, moving it around and I couldn’t keep my hands steady. So maybe this was a success.


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