April 26, 2010

Response to Gatewatching

Posted in Assignments at 10:07 am by ahonan

In the section is Blogging Journalism I found a couple of points that definitely agreed with and there were some that I only half agreed with:

  • Independent bloggers aren’t journalists because no editor comes between the ‘author and reader.

I do believe that independent bloggers aren’t journalists, but not because there is no editor. I believe that journalists need to be credible and that it is their job to report on something. I won’t believe a story from a blogger the same way I would if it was written by a journalist.

  • Amateur Journalists are inherently biased

This is part of the proposed code of ethics for blogging. I do believe that this is true, that all bloggers have some sort of bias-ness in their work. Blogging is about telling how you feel on a particular subject, this isn’t going to give you straight facts but how the blogger believes the facts should be interpreted, altering the way the reader perceives the information.

I do like the idea of having a code of ethics for bloggers but I agree with the article, there is not way enforce such a thing.


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