April 27, 2010

Response to Project

Posted in Assignments at 11:01 am by ahonan

I enjoyed working with iMovie I really thought it was going to be harder than it what it was. I think it was that we weren’t given a lot of in class time to work on the Project that made the idea of making a movie so daunting. While iMovie is easy to use I would have preferred that there was some PC equivalent, there are a couple of things that I would have liked to fix but I didn’t have access to a Mac outside of the computer lab.And requiring us to use the Macs when we didn’t pay the technology fee to have class in there seems to be punishing the students that don’t own Macs or are Mac savvy.

Working with iMovie was easy but the time it took to upload to YouTube watch the video, see that there were mistakes and then have to go back and rework the movie was tiring. Because the picture was so stop and go in iMovie it made the project take twice as long as it should have.

I know we said this in class but I feel as if I should reiterate it one more time: While the watching some of the slideshows and interviews in class was helpful I feel as if they took time away from when I could have been working on these projects. Having a week to learn a program is going to get us to produce the best that we could. Most days I paid little attention to the slideshows and videos because I didn’t feel as if I was learning anything more.

I like knowing that I can create slideshows and videos if I wanted to, but having done so little work with it I probably won’t try.


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